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There are 34 Conservative Councillors on Medway Council, elected to represent the people of Chatham, Gillingham, Rainham, Rochester and Strood.

We are committed to providing our residents with the best services we can provide whilst offering excellent value for money and maintaining a Council Tax which is lower than the average in Kent.

Here you can find information on our vision for Medway and how we are working to create a safer, cleaner and greener community with better opportunities for all people in Medway.

Find out how we stand on the issues that matter to you on our policy page or discover what we've been doing for you recently in our news section. If you need help or advice you can find out how to contact your local Conservative Councillor here.

We are the group which is committed to low council tax, better services and value for money.

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Cllr Alan Jarrett: Party People Column

Article posted on Friday, 29 August 2014

Cllr Alan Jarrett How the council communicates with residents is of vital importance. Doubly so in these days of instant communication through such social media channels as Twitter and Facebook.

Increasingly, new technology consumes our lives, with the latest example which will affect every driver being the abolition of the paper tax disc in a few week’s time. Big brother really is here, and here to stay. Read more...

Stencilling on the street to remind dog owners to clean up after their pets

Press release posted on Friday, 22 August 2014

Medway ConservativesA pilot scheme is to be launched in Rochester South and Horsted where council community officers will stencil temporary reminders on the pavement where dog fouling has occurred.

From the start of September once dog fouling has been cleared up a message saying ‘bag it, bin it’ will be stencilled onto the pavement using a non-permanent paint. Read more...

Cllr Alan Jarrett: Party People Column

Article posted on Friday, 1 August 2014

Cllr Alan JarrettMedway’s regeneration proceeds apace. The latest influx of cash will amount to almost £30 million and will fund some important improvements.

The money comes from the government’s Growth Fund, and will mainly be targeted at infrastructure improvements. Read more...

Cllr David Brake: Tackling obesity despite criticism

Letter posted on Friday, 1 August 2014

Cllr David Brake Medway Messenger, Letter to the editor

DEAR SIR – I refer to the article ‘Cutting takeaway hours near schools wont beat obesity’ (Messenger, July 25) and would advise that work on obesity and takeaway restrictions in Medway was under way long before February, 2013, as suggested by Tristan Osborne. Read more...

Cllr Alan Jarrett: Party People Column

Article posted on Saturday, 5 July 2014

Cllr Alan JarrettOne of the many things that Medway Council does really well is its festivals and events.

Even at a time of enormous financial difficulty we see the continuation of free festivals as an essential link between the council, and its residents and their overall well-being. Read more...